Patch v0.9.6

Patch month for Decibol v0.9 Beta continues with v0.9.6! Mobile and music were the focuses of this update, and there is more to come.

Feature: Decibol Music Player has been completely overhauled, now when you upload a track to Decibol, it will automatically generate a matching wave form (courtesy of Decibol friend, and awesome developer, Joshua McGee).


Enhancement: You can now advance a track by clicking anywhere in the waveform of a playing track. The track will advance to (roughly) the point you select in the waveform.

Mobile: Decibol is taking big strides to make our application more mobile-friendly than ever. The aforementioned music player is fully supported on smartphone devices. Profile cards, Decibol Resources, and our logged in user homepage has been revamped, so you can enjoy Decibol on the go.

Fixes: A number of database queries were optimized to improve overall performance and decrease page load times.