Patch v0.9.3

The latest bug fix and functionality release on brings Decibol v0.9 Beta up another notch in the version belt this week:

Feature:┬áSocial sharing buttons brought directly to user’s profiles. Fans and profile viewers alike can now easily share your Decibol Profile to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and/or Google+ with the click of a button.

UI Enhancement: Notifications now direct you to the link related to the notification. New fan? Check out their profile. New Decibol Project? Click through to view and contribute.

UI Enhancement: Too many notifications? Choose the “Clear All” option from the┬áNotifications drop-down and return to your regularly schedule Decibol dabbling.

UI Enhancement: The preloader has been removed from the homepage.

Bug Fix: Login and Registration pages were not properly displaying form validation errors, this has been fixed.

Bug Fix: The preloader has been added to the Registration Complete page.