Patch v0.9.2

The latest Decibol v0.9 Beta patch has been released to the wild after coming out of recent testing.

UI Enhancements: The sign-up flow is now faster than ever, with the removal of email validation. We’ll be testing the reception and overall functionality of this enhancement during the Beta.

UI Enhancements: Decibol Profiles have been updated to be even more mobile-friendly as we make our transition to a mobile-first style website. Even though a large number of administrative tasks and the creation of Decibol Projects is still only optimized for use on the Desktop, consumption of music, communicating with Resources, and adding Favorite Artists/Bands is now all doable from the web.

Bug Fix: Updating a Decibol Project from Active to Draft will now properly remove contributions, followers, and contributors. An email is sent to all Project Followers when a project is demoted from Active status, notifying them that the Campaign has been un-submitted and their contributions have been refunded.

Minor Updates: Decibol Resources skills listing interface has been stream-lined to allow for easier addition of Resources to everyone’s profiles.