Beta v0.9 Preview – Release



We have been working around the clock for the past 6 months to bring you the largest overhaul to the Decibol website since ver 0.1 was released in June, 2014.

User/Band Profiles

Profiles underwent an overhaul after receiving feedback that the original profiles looked antiquated and needed to be livened up a bit. We introduced more concise profile sections, with better presentation for Decibol Resources and Decibol Projects.

User Profiles were also given a new Music Player feature. This allows Solo Artists the ability to upload and share their music with their fans directly from their profile.

Another sought after feature – the ability to format text, add images, upload and additional videos to the About section of the user’s profile. This was added and implemented to Bands, Users, as well as Projects.


Decibol Projects

projectsDecibol Projects in version 0.9 beta is my personal favorite. With a large hero image, custom cover photo, custom text formatting, video and image uploads, the re-factored Decibol Music Player, and new layout enhancements displaying Incentives, Updates, and user Discussion, the Decibol Projects profile is the robust crowd-funding application we dreamed it would be back when we started.

Adding the Incentives to the Project Profile allows potential contributors to preview your Decibol Project’s offering before they contribute, and gives you opportunities to entice them to take part in your Decibol Project.

We added the same HTML-style formatting to project updates, giving you more freedom to update your project with images, video, and more improved text formatting.

Decibol Projects now also include a Discussion tab, allowing logged in users the ability to show their support and post their questions.


Decibol Resources

All Decibol users are now able to add a Resource Skill to their profile, opening up collaboration opportunities to all users. We wanted to open the possibility for graphic designers, audio engineers, and other non-musician industry contributors to connect with musicians.

Decibol Inbox

Communication is key to collaboration, so Decibol ver 0.9 beta now includes a fast, real-time communication platform for all users. Decibol Inbox isn’t an open forum for back and forth chatter, it is a companion to Decibol Resources. When an artist finds a Resource, they can reach out and carry the conversation into a dedicated, mobile-friendly, interface.

Public Beta

Decibol’s Beta version 0.9 is open to the public. If you’re new to Decibol and want to check it out – Sign Up here.

Coming Up

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a series of enhancements and new features, carrying us closer to the v0.9 full beta. Stay tuned, we’ll be posting continuous site updates to the blog, to keep you in the loop with what’s new on Decibol.