Winner Take All?

Why the Distribution of Wealth in the Music Business is About to Improve

The music business over the past fifty years has been about the winners winning big, while those who don’t make to the the very top of the heap are scarcely able to scratch a living.  Some of these “losers” are immensely talented, with large and loyal followings.  But the money just doesn’t flow there, and most are eventually forced to find their livings outside of the thing they do best, making music. Continue reading Winner Take All?

Be the Music Business – A Manifesto

The music business is changing, rapidly. And we think it’s for changing for the best. Time was when “the business” was fundamentally an enormous administrative apparatus placed between the musician and the fan. The logic of its position was that it marginalized fans and musicians as much as possible, in a never-ending effort to siphon the money away in order to pay executives and shareholders. Who could blame them really? Recorded music creation, promotion and distribution was a capital-intensive business. For the capital to be available, it needed to be amply rewarded.

Continue reading Be the Music Business – A Manifesto